Petition To Eliminate Daylight Savings Time

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This site is a personal project dedicated to starting a petition to get rid of daylight saving(s) time. It is a smoke and mirrors approach to accomplish something. The main reason people enjoy DST is because they get an “extra hour of sleep” in the Spring. Which may be true, however, you have to make up for it later in the fall when you “lose an hour of sleep”. Why not just keep it simple and if we want an extra hour of sleep, go to bed an hour earlier. If you want to lose an hour of sleep stay up later. We don’t need it being dictated to us. The only real intrinsic value to having it is it seems to add an extra hour of light at the end of the day. Though it adds an hour of darkness in the morning. So if the sun comes up at 7 am normally, now it doesn’t come up till 8 am and your morning is in the dark. The energy savings often spoken about really aren’t as significant as they make them seem, even then it’s only 1% and that’s because they made the dates between the change bigger, not because of the actual time change itself. The people staying up late may not have to use extra lights, but the people who get up early now have to use lights in the morning.

My proposal for this is simple… Let’s compromise and split it down the middle. At the next agreed upon “daylight saving” time change let’s either move it half an hour forward or backward, depending on whether we are “Spring-ing ahead”  or “Fall-ing back”, and be done with it. Let’s leave it to us to decide if we want to get an extra hour of sleep or lose an hour of sleep.

Please register on this website and let your voice be heard. At some point we will have enough contributors to make a petition and put it on a ballot. Please let me know if you have other ideas reasons why we should get rid of DST. I’d love to hear them.

Thank you!

- Adam Clayton

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
Lao-tzu, The Way of Lao-tzu - Chinese philosopher (604 BC – 531 BC)

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3 Responses to “Petition To Eliminate Daylight Savings Time”

  1. grandy924 says:

    I want to sign…

  2. JGianferrara says:

    I support the petition to stop daylight savings time. I do not see where it serves to benefit this country. In fact, I see where it causes great distress to most. I have epilepsy which is sensitive to alterations in my sleep cycle. It takes my body several weeks to adjust each time the clocks are altered. My ability to function is greatly reduced despite my best efforts. It puts me and others with similar neurological challenges in a higher risk category for health related issues and injuries. I want to sign the petition.

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